Naughty Kids. Four unabridged short stories. 4 разказа

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Поредицата ELI Classics представя класически заглавия от англоезичната литература. Ниво Intermediate/ В1

В наличност

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

Темата на сборника е силата на детското въображение, представена от разказите:
Sredni Vastar by Saki
Charles by Shirley Jackson
Maria by Elizabeth Bowen
Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury

Поредицата ELI Classics представя класически заглавия от англоезичната литература. Книгите са адаптирани по нива, което позволява да подберете най-подходящата книга.


Всяка книга съдържа: тематично подбрани адаптирани текстове, биографична информация за авторите, упражнения преди и след текстовете, анализ на текста и едноезичен речник с предполагаемите непознати думи за съответното ниво


Unpredictable, frank, sometimes controversial, the children in this book may touch on issues and themes which are close to you and your world. The four stories you are going to read in Naughty KIds deal with the problems children may find when they try to relate to the world of adults. Their reactions may be unpredictable and out of proportion, but all of the characters believe they have good reasons for the way they behave. Let’s try and explore them together!

We have chosen authentic short stories, because we think they are more effective at conveying the atmosphere, the feelings and the language that the writers were aiming to create through their choice of words and style. At the beginning of each story you will find some information on the writer’s life and works.

When you are reading the stories, try to read for the general meaning and do not worry too much about the details of every single word. With the story text there are short notes, activities and a glossary to help you. The activities are easy and quick to do.

Beside the text you will also find plenty of space to make your own notes about the characters, or anything else you’d like to write. At the end of each story there are worksheets designed to help you put your English into practice!

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