Stories of Chinese Proverbs + audio MP3

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Адаптирана книга на китайски език за възрастни и тийнейджъри, ниво 2. 500 основни думи. 64 стр.. с Аудио достъпно за сваляне онлайн в MP3 формат


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Chiara Perinot – Chen Haiyan

Stories of Chinese Proverbs – 中国成语故事

Where do Chinese proverbs come from? How many are there? Are they all four characters long? Did you know that behind every proverb there is a story? This volume tells you nine stories behind nine proverbs, and invites the reader to guess the corresponding Italian proverb for each one. In this book, you will find: • Grammatical and vocabulary structures within the HSK3 standard. • Cultural inserts • Glossary with pronunciation and translation. • No pinyin in text, to encourage the habit of reading authentic material. • Activities at the end of each chapter. • Final glossary in alphabetical order. • Audio with complete reading of the story.

The book offers:

• Grammar structures and vocabulary in accordance with the HSK 1-2 standards

• Glossary with pronunciation and English translation

• Text without Pinyin, to promote authentic reading

• Splendid pictures, capturing the beauty and vitality of Beijing

• Free download of the audio

HSK 2 – 500 Words | Classic
ISBN: 9788853633316

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