The yellow sticker girl

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За тийнейджъри: НИВО- А2 – 800 основни думи, с aудио, достъпно за сваляне онлайн в MP3 формат, 14,8×21 cm  НОВО ЗАГЛАВИЕ.

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Sarah Gudgeon. Illustrated by Luca Tagliafico.

A story of friendship and bulling. Meghan lives with her family in the north of England.

Everything is great at home until one day Meghan opens the fridge and there’s nothing in it. What is happening? Why isn’t there any food in the house and why are her parents behaving strangely? Meghan soon finds out but the problems at home aren’t the only thing she’s got to worry about. Kyla,

the class bully, decides to make Meghan her new target…

Family, Friendship, Food poverty, Food
waste, Gender equality, Online bullying
Positive and negative imperative forms;
Present simple; Present continuous;
Past simple regular and irregular
forms; Past continuous; Present perfect
simple; Future with going to and will;
Modals (can, could, have to, need to);
Common phrasal verbs
Absolute forms;
Comparative and superlative forms
Regular and irregular forms


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