Super Magic 4 – учебник
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Super Magic 4 – учебник

30.00 лв.


Учебник за начален курс по Американски английски. 112 стр.


Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 50 лв.

Super Magic is a new, simple-to-teach, six-level course of American English for primary-school children which follows their cognitive and psychological growth, using a whole-person approach that helps children absorb the experience of a new language.

Student’s Books 3 to 6
• Gradual increase in complexity carefully coordinated with the child’s cognitive development.
• Photographs open each unit, relating English to the child’s experience of the world.
• Cartoon stories, games and fun activities activate the language introduced.
• CLIL sections introduce age-appropriate interdisciplinary materials and vocabulary.
• English-speaking-world section expands language learning into development of wider educational competences.

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