Grammar Trainer 3

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Помагало с граматически и лексикални упражнения за ксерокопиране (със спирала), ниво A2-B1.

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English language photocopiable resources
Level: A2-B1

Тази серия за ксерокопиране е предназначена като допълнителен материал за ученици изучаващи Английски език (ниво А2-B1) и предлага голямо разнообразие от дейности, които са идеални за преразглеждане и укрепване на граматическите и лексикални умения характерни за нивото.

Работните листове са предназначени да бъдат използвани самостоятелно, по двойки или в малки групи.

Grammar Trainer is a 3-level series of photocopiable materials organised according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which help consolidate students’ grammar and vocabulary skills.
• All grammar structures of the relevant CEFR levels are covered.
• Usable as extra classroom material, as revision exercises, homework or self-study.
• Grammar tables and answer key in each volume.

1. Will / Won’t
2.Will / Won’t
3.Going to vs Will
4.Going to vs Will
5.Past Simple
6.Past Continuous
7.Past Simple vs Past Continuous
8.Be used to / Get used to
9.Used to
10.Be used to vs Used to
11.Present Perfect
12.Present Perfect
13.Present Perfect (How long – For / Since)
14.Present Perfect (How long – For / Since)
15.Present Perfect vs Past Simple
16.Present Perfect vs Past Simple
17.Present Perfect Continuous
18.Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple
19.Past Perfect
20.Past Perfect vs Past Simple
21.Infinitive of purpose
23.Quantifiers (a little, some, many, much, a lot of, any)
24.So / Neither
25.Adjectives + Prepositions + -ing
26.Relative Pronouns
27.Reflexive Pronouns
28.Indefinite Pronouns
29.Look like
30.Wh- Words
31.How + Adjectives
32.Question Tags
33.-ing Form vs to + Infinitive
34.Can / Could
35.Have to / Must
36.Have to / Must
37.Should / Shouldn’t
38.Making deductions (can’t, must, might, may)
39.Could / Was, Were able to / Managed to
40.Zero and 1st Conditional
41.2nd Conditional
42.1st Conditional vs 2nd Conditional
43.Third Conditional
44.If I were
45.Wish + Past Simplе
46.The Passive + Who
47.The Passive + Who
48.Present Simple Passive
49.Past Simple Passive
50.Past Simple Passive vs Present Simple Passive
51.Have / Get something done
52.Want someone to do something
53.Indirect Speech
54.Indirect Speech
55.Reported Speech (questions)
56.Revision of Present Tenses
57.Revision of Past Tenses
58.Revision of Future Tenses

ISBN: 9788853605085

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Деца, Тийнейджъри, Възрастни


A2, B1


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