The war of the worlds

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1000 headwords

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AUTHORS:   H. G. Wells. Adaptation and activities by S. Sardi

This is the story of an English astronome who, in company with others, struggles to survive the invasion of Earth by Martians in 1894.

When a strange, meteor-like object lands in the heart of England, the inhabitants of Earth find themselves victims of a terrible attack by Martians, armed with heat rays and poisonous smoke. The people of the Earth must come to terms with the prospect of the end of human civilization and the
beginning of Martian rule.

Verb tenses
Present Continuous: future plans
Past Simple / Past Continuous
Present Perfect Simple / Past Perfect
simple – Future with going to and will
Verb forms and patterns
Verbs plus infinitive, base form and gerund-Phrasal verbs-Conditional
sentences-Reported speech-Passive forms
Modal verbs
Can/could-Be able-Have to-Need-Might
Time clauses introduced by when, while, before, after, as soon as

Classic literature | Science fiction


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