The Spooky Bunch. Three well-known ghost stories. 3 разказа

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Поредицата ‘ ELI Classics ‘ представя класически заглавия от англоезичната литература. Ниво Lower Intermediate/ A2

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Поредицата ELI Classics представя класически заглавия от англоезичната литература. Книгите са адаптирани по нива, което позволява да подберете най-подходящата книга.
The Oval Portrait by Edgar Allan Poe
The Upper Berth by Marion Crawford
The Ghosts by Lord Dunsany


Всяка книга съдържа: тематично подбрани адаптирани текстове, биографична информация за авторите, упражнения преди и след текстовете, анализ на текста и едноезичен речник с предполагаемите непознати думи за съответното ниво


One of man’s oldest and strongest feelings is fear: fear of the unknown and the supernatural. Paranormal events have always fascinated the world of human beings. Visible and invisible spirits have tempted our curiosity and frightened us throughout history, but they have also added to our store of wisdom.

In literature, ghosts, spirits and human beings all have a surprising amount in common! That’s why we have collected some of the best examples of literature dealing with supernatural horror. This type of literature , as Lovecraft says, is made up of ‘ atmospheres ‘ which should ‘ limit deviation from reality ‘ and try to creat a ‘ willing suspension of disbelief ‘ , the latter being the essence of poetic faith, according to Coleridge, the Romantic poet. In other words, the reader should believe that the events are real because they are described in a realistic way.

Supernatural events and not characters or plot are the focus of this narrative genre.

We have chosen authentic short stories (even though some students may find them difficult) because we think they are more effective at conveying the ‘ atmospheres ‘ that Lovecraft referred to. But don’t panic, we have tried to help you and provide a back-up to your reading with notes, short tasks and pictures. The tasks are easy to do and won’t interrupt you. So try and read for meaning rather than detail.

At the beginning of each story you will find a short introduction on the writer’s life and works. Alongside the text you will also find plenty of space where you can jot down your notes about the charecters, or anything else you’d like to write. At the end of each story there are some worksheets designed to help you use your English!

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