The Green-eyed Mouse and the Blue-eyed Mouse

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Beautifully illustrated, humorously written and brilliantly designed with a real hole in each of its pages to create a peep-show effect, this charming book is a visual treat for children and their parents.

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Rafaella and Noah both peer into opposite ends of a hole and see the other’s eyes – one has green eyes, the other blue. If their eyes are different, how different will the rest of them be?

A playful guessing game that encourages children to invent, use their imagingations and describe what they cannot see

Designed with cut-outs, beautifully illustrated and written by Bob Gill (b.1931), the world-renowned and acclaimed graphic designer


There once was a mouse called Noah with green eyes. He lived in a hole almost all the time. One day as he was thinking about going out, he saw a blue eye staring at him from outside his hole.

At the same time all of this was happening, a mouse called Raffaella was passing by, and thinking she would like to explore a little, looked into the hole and saw a green eye.

Noah had never seen a blue eye before and he imagined it belonged to a dragon, or something even worse.

Rafaella had never seen a green eye before and she imagined it belonged to a murderer, or a traffic warden.

Noah then thought that the blue eye belonged to a snake.

Then Raffaella thought it was a cat’s green eye that she saw.

‘ Who are you? ‘

‘ Who are you? ‘

‘ I’ll tell you if you’ll tell me first. ‘

‘ Why should I tell you first? ‘

By using a creative layout with a real hole in each page, the reader enters the imaginative minds of two little mice and thinks of what kind of animal the other could be until the very end when, on the count of three, Noah comes out of his hole.

A cleverly and beautifully designed book by world renowned and acclaimed graphic designer and teacher, Bob Gill. This book playfully stimulates a child’s imagination.


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