The debate is open!

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The Debate Is open! is a set of 75 cards to use in class for conversation
between students at B1 language level.
The main aim of this material is to facilitate the natural process of learning the English language through discussion based on 30 topics. Each team has the opportunity to express and motivate their own point of view on the topics in a non-competitive context.

Key Features:

  • The selected topics are those considered most suitable for stimulating students to talk about their own experiences, or identifying with various situations of daily life.
  • It stimulates reflection, encourages critical thinking, promotes communicative skills and reasoning, enhances the ability to work in groups and improves public speaking.
  • The teacher is free to choose the cards that best suit the language level of the students in the class bearing in mind that some of them can also be used with level students.


The box contains 75 illustrated cards divided into.

  • 30 pairs of cards with pros and cons related to 30 topics
  • 6 cards to facilitate the formulation of arguments or to give tips and advice
  • 4 coloured cardboard cards to cut out and use to assign roles
  • 5 cards that can be cut out into 30 playing cards for in-depth study and to review the topics


  1. wearing second-hand clothes
  2. shopping online
  3. doing exercise at home
  4. using an electric bike
  5. sleeping in a tent
  6. growing up as an only child
  7. beach holidays
  8. going to live in a big city
  9. chatting online
  10. loving cold weather
  11. reading graphic novels
  12. eating food from other countries
  13. tidying up
  14. travelling with a large suitcase full of items
  15. sharing an apartemnt with other student
  16. being the birthday boy/girl at a suprise party
  17. following fashion trends
  18. cooking
  19. waking up early
  20. going on holiday to the same place
  21. going on a study holiday abroad
  22. travelling alone
  23. living with a dog
  24. doing a sport at a competitive level
  25. studying in a group
  26. watching films at home
  27. going to a live sporting event
  28. following socialmedia
  29. working as an influencer
  30. doing extreme sports


Teacher’s Guide

Instruction booklet with notes and teaching suggestions for using the cards.


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