The Boy with the Red Balloon + audio MP3

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За тийнейджъри: СТЪПКА 2: НИВО – А2-800 основни думи, с aудио, достъпно за сваляне онлайн в MP3 формат. 14,8×21 cm, 80 страници.

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Silvana Sardi

The Boy with the Red Balloon
Illustrated by Maria Giron

It’s the summer holidays and Lizzie can’t wait to go to the beach in Blackpool with herfriends. Instead, she has to spend her summer in the countryside with a strange woman she doesn’tknow and a mysterious boy.It’s the summer holidays and Lizzie is excited about going to the beach with herfriends. But her parents have other plans for her and she has to spend the summerin the countryside with a woman she doesn’t even know. Lizzie is very angryand sad but then she meets a strange boy called Jack. Who is this mysterious boyand how does he change Lizzie?

Vocabulary areas

Emotions – Mystery
Verbs Positive and Negative Imperative Forms – Present Simple and Present Continuous (also for future reference) – Past Simple and Past Continuous – Present Perfect Simple – Future with going to and will – Can, Could, have to, need, would like – Want someone to do something – Common phrasal verbs – Passive Forms Present and Past Simple

Friendship | Family | Emotions | Mystery

Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate | 800 headwords | A2 | Movers | Original

ISBN: 9788853623065
CEFR Level: A2
Theme: Friendship

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2018 Awards

Judge’s comment: This is the story of Lizzie, a girl who has to spend the summer away from her friends, and is very unhappy about it until she meets the boy with the red balloon. Who is this lovely boy that make Lizzie forget phubbing* and the lack of wi-fi connection? The illustrations mix pictures and drawings, making faces look real and more relatable
* phubbing = slang for ignoring people to pay attention to one’s phone, from phone + snubbing

Jurors’ comment:Very nice story, intriguing and involving. Clear simple language.

On-line voter’s comment:It is a well written story, with suspense and really good exercises for someone who is not interested in just reading a book.

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