TEAM UP in English! 2 – Книга за учителя
73.00 лв. Купи

TEAM UP in English! 2 – Книга за учителя

73.00 лв.

Книга за учителя + 2 АУДИО ДИСКА. ниво 2.

Продукт със забавена доставка.

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

The Teacher’s Book

The Teacher’s Book contains: tables of contents, introduction to the methodology and guide to programme planning, information relative to the Common European Framework of Reference as well as Certifications such as Trinity and Cambridge ESOL, teacher’s notes for each unit, answer keys and the audio scripts for the Workbook, reference markers for CEFR indicators. for CLIL. for Civic Education activities, for Trinity and Cambridge examinations, cross references to the Workbook, Personal Toolkit, Tests and Resources. Each Teacher’s Book comes with 2 class CDs.


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