TEAM UP in English! 1-2 – Тестове

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Tests and Resources (Levels 1-2) 1 Audio CD + 1 CD-ROM Test Maker.

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Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

Tests and Resources

Each volume contains the following photocopiable material which can be used in class:

• Evaluation grids to mark each student’s progress

• Formative and summative evaluation tests

• Reinforcement Worksheets

• Folder Grammar Extension Worksheets

• Culture Spot Tests

• CLIL Worksheets

• PT Pictionary Worksheets

• Audio scripts and answer keys for the Tests and the Worksheets

CD-ROM Test Maker

The CD-ROM Test Maker allows the teacher to intervene and change the tests to adapt the syllabus to the specific needs of the class. Test the answer key and audio scripts are available at the end of each. The CD-ROM Test Maker contains the Evaluation tables and the following tests in doc format Microsoft ® Word ®:

• Entry Test

• Unit Tests

• Folder Skills Tests

• Culture Spot Tests


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