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Ръководство за учителя за подготовка за изпит Pre A1 Starters за сертификат на Кеймбридж за деца. + дигитална версия. 112 стр. цветен

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Start! is designed to help students to prepare for the Pre A1 Starters of the Cambridge English Qualifications. It is written for young learners between the ages of 7 and 10. The materials fully address the learning styles, interests and motivation of this age group by providing engaging activities to introduce new language with plenty of opportunities to practise language and skills. Start! Preparation for the Pre A1 Starters Cambridge English Qualifications is very flexible and can be used with students preparing to take the Pre A1 Starters or for classes who like an enjoyable and carefully structured course. It can also be used to complement a general English book.

Key Features

• More than one hundred audio tracks and listening activities featuring both British and American accents.

• Say &. Play activities to provide enjoyable ways to help students consolidate their learning.

• Say the Sounds activities to focus on pronunciation.

• Look &. Learn boxes to highlight particular vocabulary or grammar points.

• UK vs US boxes to highlight variations.

• Exam tip boxes to help students prepare for each part of the Starters exam.

• Clear guidance and suggestions for extra activities in the

Teacher’s Book.

• Unique digital book, fully interactive and with many resources accessible and downloadable on www.elionline.come/digitalbooks

Start! is a flexible volume that is ideal for teachers teaching in both small and large classes, studying in both monolingual and multilingual classes and for remote learning.

Digital resources for online / blended lessons

• Digital Book with:

– all the audio and video files in the Student’s Book plus the interactive and self-correcting activities

– all the audio files of words included in the Picture Dictionary

– a digital game (It’s your turn!) for revising vocabulary

– browsable flashcards of all the words in the volume

– a picture bank for extra speaking activities

– a link to two extra online practice tests

– the phonetic chart with audio

– symbols to enable students to listen and practise the pronunciation

– geographic maps: UK and Ireland map, The United States map, English-speaking countries map

– a Digital Graded Reader with audio tracks and a video – a ‘key’ button with the key of all the interactive exercises in the Teacher’s digital book.

• ELI LINK App: instant access to audio and video content in a click directly from the book with any device

• Online resources with additional activities and resources.

• The Teacher’s Guide includes many tips and suggestions for extra time activities and blended learning activities.

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