Ready for B1 Preliminary for Schools
32.90 лв. Купи

Ready for B1 Preliminary for Schools

32.90 лв.

8 примерни теста за изпит B1 Preliminary for Schools. Ниво В1. с аудио дoстъпно за сваляне в MP3 формат. 176 стр.

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

Ready for B1 Preliminary for Schools contains 8 full practice tests for the 2020 revised B1 Preliminary for Schools qualification. The first two tests also include stepby- step guidance on how to tackle each paper, including useful tips for candidates ensuring exam success.


The audio tracks of the Listening Papers are downloadable through the ELI LINK app. Students can also download the audio tracks from the Publisher’s website.

ISBN 9788853627872

Publisher: ELI

Download the ELI LINK App on your smartphone or tablet to access all the multimedia contents.Available on Google Play and AppStore.


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