Nicholas Again
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Nicholas Again

34.80 лв.

Детска книга на английски език за деца. 21,4 x 14,5 см. 120 страници. Phaidon Press

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 50 лв.

The winning team of Goscinny and Sempé collaborate again in this much anticipated sequel to Nicholas, giving us further adventures of the small French mischievious schoolboy who is always in trouble.

In this second in the series, Nicholas and his friends are caught up in a new succession of hilarious escapades that always result in confusion – at least for their teachers and parents.

This book remains a bestseller in France more than 40 years after it was first published, and is a classic in children’s fiction, now available in English to be read, re-read and loved forever.


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