Journey to the Centre of the Earth + audio MP3

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За най-малките: СТЪПКА 4: НИВО – А2, 400 основни думи, с АУДИО, 14,8×21 cm, 32 страници


В наличност (може да бъде поръчан и преди запълване на наличност)

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

Jules Verne. Retold by Jane Cadwallader
Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

Jules Verne was a master of adventure stories. He also wanted children to think about nature.

This story asks them to wonder what is under the ground and if there is another world there. It is told by a young man, Axel, who with his uncle and a guide go down under the Earth through the crater of a volcano. The children follow them through tunnels and caves to find strange plants and animals and have exciting adventures. It’s a story about natural phenomena but also about persistence, initiative and courage in the face of the unknown.


Vocabulary areas: science, weather, materials, the world around us

Grammar and structures:

Present simple and continous

Past simple and continuous

Present perfect

Will for future reference

Going to for future reference

Question tags

Have to for obligation

Could / couldnt for ability

In this Reader you will find:

Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary


Curiosity about the natural world | Being adventurous, courage

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