English Party 4 – Учебник

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Пълноцветен учебник – 96 стр. ниво 4.

4 последни мострени чисто нови бройки.

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Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

– English Party 1 contains an introductory Starter Module which aims to stimulate the children’s interest.

– This is followed by 4 Modules, divided into 2 Units.

– Each unit contains a Portfolio Project page which gives children the chance to personalize the topic of the unit.

– The Module check pages at the end of each module allow the pupils to revise what they have learnt and self-assess their work.

– English Party 1 also presents Festivity pages with fun activities and songs.

– Many of the activities are based on the method of TPR whereby children naturally respond to spoken language through movement. English Party is easy to use in class and is highly motivating and enjoyable both for children and their teachers.

– Based on the theories of Multiple Intelligences English Party focuses on the whole child at the centre of the learning process. The activities are based on a multi-sensory approach and respect children’s individual learning styles and pace, so that each child is rewarded with a sense of achievement.

– New language is presented through fun and motivating songs and rhymes, ideal for improving pronunciation and developing natural intonation.

– Cartoon-style characters including Alex the crocodile present new language and encourage children to take part in TPR activities. Cartoons featuring The Camerons and Reading for Fun are ideal for stimulating reading for pleasure.

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