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Моят първи изпит! 300 карти с упражнения на английски език (с отговори на гърба на всяка карта). Разпределени са в три категории: граматика, лексика и ситуации. Могат да се ползват като допълнение към всякакъв тип бордови игри. 

В наличност

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 70 лв.

The cards are designed to revise both grammar and vocabulary. The set contains 300 cards with exercises (with the answers on the reverse side) divided into three categories: grammarvocabulary and situations. The cards can be an addition to any board game.

The aim of the game is to get as many cards as possible. In order to get a card, we have to do an exercise from the card.

If it is a grammar card, we have to complete a sentence with a given word (or words).

If it is a vocabulary card, we have to find three words that have something in common. Each vocabulary card contains 6 words so we have to find two triplets. It can be a great speaking activity if we make students explain what the selected words have in common.

If it is a situation card, we have to choose the most suitable response to a question or described situation.

Допълнителна информация


Деца, Тийнейджъри, Възрастни


A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


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