CHANGE UP! Intermediate – Учебник и учебна тетрадка (1книга) + 2 CD audio

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Учебник и учебна тетрадка (2в1) + 2 АУДИО ДИСКА.

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Student’s Book

The Student’s Book is divided into three Topics. Each Topic is made up of three Units and ends with a Towards Certification section, providing activities and advice for the preparation of the FCE exam, and pages dedicated to Self-Evaluation.

– Grammar Reference: a 22 pages grammar reference section with tables and descriptions of the grammar structures presented in each unit.

– The Inward Eye: an approach to literary texts to bring students, from whichever type of school or study, closer to

English Literature and to offer a brief panorama of the various expressions of the English language.


The Workbook is available with and without answers and audio transcripts. It aims to consolidate the grammatical and lexical input from each unit, to suggest learning strategies, to prepare for the FCE exam, to consent self evaluation. Included in the appendix of the Intermediate level Workbook is a Writing File containing models of written texts conforming to FCE specifications, and in the Upper Intermediate level is a section entitled FCE Practice Plus, containing a complete model of a FCE exam.


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