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The Game in the Dark

Код: (1046)
Цена: 21.50 лв.
A book that will make you travel around the universe - without leaving your bedroom!; 210 x 150 mm; 14 pp; Hervé Tullet
A book that will make you travel around the universe - without leaving your bedroom! 
Travel to the moon, dance with the stars, bounce around the universe - from your own home. The Game in the Dark is a book that glows in the dark, and transforms your world. 
Printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, children will journey on a rocket to the moon and stars. 
Charge the book up under a light source to bring the magic universe to life. 
Part of a bright and lively series of board books that work like a game from bestselling illustrator, Hervé Tullet.
Hervé Tullet was born in 1958. After studying Fine Art, he worked as an Art Director for ten years (1981–1992) before joining the advertising industry. In 1990, he produced his first illustrations for the press in France (Elle, Le Monde, Libération, Lire, Enfants Magazine, etc.) and has since been published in numerous magazines around the world. In 1994 he published his first book for children. Since then he has devoted himself to illustrating and painting. A great lover of children's literature, he is the father two boys and a girl, who never fail to inspire him.
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