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Dot to Dot + CD

Код: (2257)
Цена: 19.00 лв.
За тийнейджъри: СТЪПКА 2: НИВО- А2 - 800 основни думи, АУДИО ДИСК, 14,8x21 cm, 112 страници

Dot to Dot + CD audio

By Michael Lacey Freeman
Ilustrated by Marta Pantaleo

A man goes back to the house where he grew up and becomes a little boy again.

Tom visits the house he lived in when he was a little boy, and he finds an old newspaper in the wardrobe. He picks it up, and becomes that little boy again. He is standing in front of a mirror, and is confused by what he sees. What does he see in that mirror? Read on to find out.


Topics Family & School - Food & Drink - Feelings & Emotions - Rooms & Furniture
Verbs Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Simple - Future with Going to and Will for future reference, promises and predictions - Can for ability and permission, Could for past ability and requests - Type One conditionals - Must/Have to for obligation - Should for suggestions - Common phrasal verbs

In this Reader you will find:
Glossary of difficult words | After-reading activities | An audio recording of the book

Family | Love | Friendship

Stage 2 800 headwords | A2 | Movers | Original
ISBN: 9788853624017
CEFR Level: A2


The book contains: 

-The Before You Read Activities section contains pre-reading activities.

-The text is divided into chapters and is equipped with a glossary at the bottom of each page.

-The After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter, eases memorization and comprehension and rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading activities to pre-teach the vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter.

-Useful dossiers focussing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics series.

-The Test yourself section offers activities which take into account the whole story.

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