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Beowulf + CD

Код: (2263)
Цена: 23.00 лв.
Адаптирана книга на английски език за ниво В1; Аудио диск; 112 стр; цветна

Anonymous - Retold by Claire Moore
Illustrated by Matteo Berton.

One of the most universally studied of the English classics, Beowulf is considered the finest heroic poem in Old English.

This epic poem tells the story of Beowulf, a warrior who becomes famous by helping Hrothgar, King of the Danes. Beowulf kills first Grendel, a horrible demon who terrorizes the Danes every night, and then Grendel's vengeful mother. Beowulf returns to his own country to become king. Late in life he decides to fight a dangerous dragon and...

Verb tenses Present Continuous: future plans and activities Past Perfect Simple: narrative, reported speech Future with will: offers, promises, predictions, etc
Modal verbs could: possibility should (present and future reference): advice might (present and future reference): possibility used to + infinitive (past habits)

In this Reader you will find:
Background information about this poem | Culture and society in the Middle Ages | Glossary of difficult words | Comprehension and grammar activities | Final test

Adventure | Fantasy

STAGE 3 1000 headwords | B1 | Preliminary | Classic
ISBN: 9788853624819
CEFR Level: B1

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