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Five Children and It + downloadable MP3

Код: (2469)
Цена: 17.00 лв.
За най-малките: СТЪПКА 3: НИВО - А1.1, 300 основни думи с Аудио достъпно за сваляне онлайн в MP3 формат, 14,8x21 cm, 32 страници

By Edith Nesbit

Adapted by Jane Cadwallader

Five Children and It

Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

Imagine you found a fairy at the bottom of your garden. And imagine the fairy tells you that your wishes will come true! This is what happens to the five children in this story. However, things don’t happen exactly as expected and the fairy turns out to be quite a grump fairy! Readers though the generations have loved this humorous story by Edith Nesbit. Along with an appreciation for the funny side of life it teaches children that if not thinking things through properly can get you into trouble thinking carefully can usually get you out of it.


Vocabulary areas: family, parts of the body, animals, house and garden
Grammar and structures
Present simple and continuous - Past simple (regular and irregular forms) - Had to for obligation - Can / could for ability - Adverbs - There was / There wasn’t - Comparative and superlative - adjectives

In this Reader you will find:
- Games and language activities
- Downoadable audio mp3 and free app ELI Link for instant access to the audio material
- A picture dictionary

14,8x21 cm, 32 pages
ISBN: 9788853626295

Download the ELI LINK App on your smartphone or tablet to access all the multimedia contents. Available on Google Play and AppStore.

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